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I have no homework this weekend so I can draw a lot. I have been working whenever I can, but now I have time to do a join me.  I will also have some wips uploaded as well. Please come and check it out. Feel free to talk and stay for awhile.
I am working on commissions and possibly a late gift for  a good friend. I missed you all. 
I am aware of the fact that I owe many of you art that some of you have already paid for. I am sorry for the fact that I just disappeared. I knew that was going to happen. 

I guess I had one of those strange live changing chain of events and personal growth that has lead to this all. I'm not back completely. My tablet needs more pen nibs before I can draw some more. I've been so busy and I am exhausted. I have so many messages right now as well as notes that I will try and get to when I have the energy and less school work. The fact that I am awake right now amazes me. 

So this is what I have been up to currently:
Art school and all that it brings.
Lots of school work
Intense growth in maturity.
Trying to figure out the relationship I want to build with my mother and not running away from my problems anymore.
City living.
Finding out who I am(but I pretty much have it figured out.)
Not enough drawing.
Homework all the time.
Living with a roomate.
Dealing with depression and confliction again.

I have some commission work to do, but I am most likely not going to open commissions for a while until I get more used to my schedule. 

I am doing better and feeling a little better too. I am just exhausted right now and have homework to do.  I will be back for sure when I get the pen nibs in. I have to finish writing for school and then I need to go to bed right now. 
I don't think I will to to active for the next week, however I will have free wifi where I am going and In my free time you will most likely see me. 

Its not a huge move for me,but I am pretty excited to be living there. I have packed all the things I am going to need and got a few things as well.  I have a bit more packing to do and will be putting away my computer. I will don't think I will have anymore new art for a bit unless I finish something today. I might do that.  

This is a big step for me and the last few days have felt pretty lonely. I am going to miss all the people who mean so much to me, but I know that I am going to meet new people.  I know a few people down there because of the job I had this summer. I will be closer to the family cabin as well.
I am working on commissions and a side project as well. I will be doing alot of background work today.

I need a little human interaction in any form I can get.
Now With a little Coffee and brighter eyes I can resume drawing. Come and join me for a bit as I work on various projects. 
I tend to be a little more loose and a little on the stranger side of myself during these.(In a mature sense.) So conversation can be interesting. I sometimes work on projects that do not have wips currently and a few wild cards.  I never finish pictures during these, however if you are interested in seeing a little bit of my process of drawing you will see it best here.
Join me doesn't have music, but I do listen to it while drawing so if you are interested in knowing what that is and want to listen to some of it feel free to ask. 

Feel free to ask questions if you have any. 
See you there! 



Hey, I am Cyan.
Drawing is nearly the only thing I do and it consumes most of my time.fortunately,I enjoy it. I am friendly, but I don't seem to be able to initiate conversation well. Don't be afraid to say hello.
Place of residence: Pacific Northwest. B'ham and Seattle.

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